The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 35

Superfood Of The Moment, Coconut Oil, Is Key Ingredient In Kebelo Velvet Curls Range VELVET CURLS Shampoo: It’s been lauded as the ultimate health Kebelo is unique in its use of ingredients: booster and is undoubtedly the superfood every product created by the brand has of the moment, but now the hair nourishing been cleverly designed to fuse science with Created for use on all types of curls, this properties of coconut oil have also been nature, combining scientific innovation concentrated formula cleanses the hair, harnessed and incorporated as a key with powerful, natural ingredients. It’s this while replenishing essential moisture to ingredient in Kebelo’s VELVET CURLS retail combination that forms the backbone to combat damage and frizzy curls. Hair is left range. the Kebelo brand and is what makes it cleansed, soft and bouncy. 250ml / RRP: renowned for creating the foundation for £14.95 One of nature’s most effective conditioners, beautiful hair. coconut oil gives hair a serious injection of VELVET CURLS Conditioner: moisture and adds softness and shine. Aside The VELVET CURLS range is a trio of from its moisture-boosting properties, products designed to create the perfect coconut oil encourages healthy hair growth curls: soft, frizz-free, long lasting and defined. and maintenance: it penetrates the hair As well as the super ingredient Coconut shaft, increasing strength and reducing Oil,VELVET CURLS Shampoo,VELVET breakage, while simultaneously stimulating CURLS Conditioner and VELVET CURLS hair growth at the root. The antibacterial Defining Cream also contain quinoa and nature of coconut oil is also beneficial to chamomile, to help to separate, soften and the hair, boosting scalp health. Hair that smooth curly hair, without straightening Using Perfect Curl Technology, this finishing is naturally dry or has become damaged it. All products in this range are SLS- and product is easy to use and fast acting, through weather or heated appliances is Paraben-free, offering an ethical, safe and leaving hair frizz-free and soft and curls restored to a nourished, glossy mane. gentle approach to haircare. defined and long-lasting. Perfect for frizzy or undefined curls, the pure ingredients in this treatment detangle strands, while strengthening and rehydrating them. The result is curls that are smooth, nourished and defined. 250ml / RRP: £15.95 VELVET CURLS Defining Cream: 250ml / RRP: £15.95 the art of beauty & well-being 35