The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 34

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa In Baden-Baden: The Villa Stephanie Focuses On A Healthy Night’s Sleep With Digital Detox Newly Opened Luxury-Spa Wins Tatler Award “Sleep is to a person what winding up is neighbouring rooms is also guaranteed as The greater the spread of wireless internet, to a clock.” Contributions like this one all walls are equipped with metal shields the greater the wish to occasionally break from Arthur Schopenhauer or any of the and a special coating that blocks all high- away from being permanently available. other surly looking philosophers are now frequency signals. Special shielded cables “In a world where people are connected being highlighted by contemporary studies have also been used throughout the entire practically around the clock, there is a need and their healthy recommendations for a building significantly reducing electro- for places of retreat where it is possible minimum amount of nightly rest. For this magnetic fields (so-called ‘electrosmog’). to relax and focus on yourself. It is for reason, all good hotels are attempting at Besides this, an additional switch located in these reasons that the Villa Stéphanie has best to create an undisturbed environment the bedside table allows the entire room to been created,” stated Frank Marrenbach, for their guests. be disconnected from the electricity supply. Managing Director of Brenners Park-H