The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 30

The Modern Spa In recent years the beauty industry has treatment, with amazing results, which will of expectation will be ahead of the game, witnessed the blending of the spa sector leave them feeling not only relaxed and provided it can be done in a way that befits with that of healthcare, to arrive at the rested, but with the satisfaction of seeing the spa concept. current model of Wellness incorporating visible improvements to face and body: the two. The modern spa offers treatments an experience they probably don’t usually On a more commercial note, non-invasive that make more of a difference to the lives receive at a spa and which will give you an results driven treatments, such that of clients, than beauty treatments alone advantage over competitors. SkinFirst are advocating, are more profitable than many of the other spa treatments could ever do. Not all aesthetic treatments will suit all available. Also multiple treatments are The word ‘spa’ conjures up images of long types of spa. The majority of spas would not usually recommended (although one days filled with mud baths and meditation wish to compromise on their core ethos by off treatments are also beneficial), thus classes, exquisitely prepared spa cuisine, introducing something that fell outside of compounding the returns and increasing the and fragrant eucalyptus groves. Although the remit of wellbeing, natural, holistic and occupancy rates. we all like to indulge and feel pampered and relaxing. SkinFirst understand this, and our crave for those days where the world is a strapline is ‘the gentler way to hold back By offering something different to other calmer place, today’s spas can also offer new time’. spas and salons then clients are attracted into your business that perhaps otherwise and innovative treatments that can blend perfectly without losing their identity, whilst There are a number of reasons why spas would not have travelled to you, or who simultaneously broadening their captive should be re-considering their treatment would not have considered your other audience to generate additional revenue. offerings, and many progressive spa and offerings. Aside of the income that can be hotel groups have already recognized this. generated from attracting new clientele, Spas have of course been increasingly usually those looking for results driven broadening their repertoire of offerings, Primarily, we live in a world which is aesthetic treatments are prepared to pay a but predominantly in relation to the areas changing rapidly, and where consumers little more, so they are particularly valuable of exercise, mental wellbeing, and nutrition. are highly knowledgeable (as a result of customers, and the resultant opportunities They have not so rapidly embraced the electronic communications and media), to cross-sell products and other treatments concept of offering aesthetic treatments, as compared to their counterparts even are significant. these have traditionally been seen to be at a decade ago. So there is an increasing odds with the spa environment. However, element of consumer assessment, in terms The danger of not offering up to date, the non-invasive aesthetics industry has of how the treatments being offered sit more visibly beneficial and long lasting progressed dramatically in recent years, and within those that are potentially available, treatments as demand is dictating, is that is now able to offer treatments which sit in relation to the benefits that will ensue. your clients will go elsewhere to receive perfectly alongside the most escapist and Alongside this there is a hugely pervasive these treatments, and you could experience enjoyable spa menu (and indeed compete influence which is subliminal as well as a migration of existing customers, to your in terms of the relaxation experience). overt, indicating that we should all be competitors. Your client can receive an aesthetic looking as youthful as we can for our age. Spas that can fulfil on both of these aspects 30 the art of beauty & well-being