The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 22

Anantara Launches Healthy New You 2016. Balance Yourself and Embrace Wellness during your Maldivian Holiday Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, the luxury with a collection of resort events and energy healing modalities, both ancient and hospitality brand for modern travellers, activities. Under the Healthy New You 2016 modern. One of Carla’s three signature invites guests to embrace health and resolution, Balance by Anantara enables you treatments is Deep Relax Body & Mind; wellness as an integral element of their to start the year with a wellness boost that a powerful but light touch technique that luxury holiday with its 2016 Balance series transforms into long-term lifestyle changes. allows the mind to settle into a deep of resort-based events and activities in the Throughout the year, guests will be able to relaxed Theta state. Slow brain wave Maldives. Balance, Anantara’s innovative book private consultations and treatments movements and a combination of energy wellness concept, offers total flexibility with with visiting practitioners, take healthy and intuitive healing lead to improved clarity a variety of health, wellbeing and healing cooking classes and incorporate juicing into of mind and mind-body connection that can elements, along with the freedom to relax their diet, as well as leaving no excuse for empower you to see your life differently and indulge to suit each guest’s personal idleness with Anantara’s complimentary gym and create a healthier view of your life, preferences and time, complemented by kit service. body and changes you can make. Anantara Spa’s award-winning expertise. Mind – Carla Lindstrom Coach, Entrepreneur, Facilitator and Inviting guests to put themselves on a path De-stress and be more mindful for the Intuitive Healer, Carina Lindstrom will be of wellness whilst being a world away from year ahead with Carina Lindstrom as she at Anantara Dhigu Resort from 22 January home, Anantara Resorts in the Maldives takes residency at Anantara Dhigu Resort to 23 February, and Anantara Kihavah Villas promote health and holistic wellbeing and Anantara Kihavah Villas, offering subtle from 23 February to March 22. 22 the art of beauty & well-being