The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 15

The secrets of Chinese Medicine The LATEST trends in cosmetology provided to you by TianDe Revolution In Beauty Products TianDe offers wide randge of beauty and health products. Based of modern concept of nanotechnology, TianDe provides excellent results in caring for your body and treating various ailments. Certified with ECO Quality Certification as well as ISO 9001:2008 TianDe has dominated Eastern Market and now is coming to UK. Love Life Dreams Rhapsody touch of love brings back purity and moisture. Your hair come back to life and become silky and smooth. Code: 20133 A root of life “ginseng” improves wellbeing and cleanses body. Your hair will become strong and durable. Code: 20102 Jasmine scent will bring back your lovely memories. It will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Shampoo will provide your hair with natural balance and moisture. Code: 20131 Rhapsody of Love Ginseng Shampoo Jasmine Nocturne Ginseng Hair Repair Balm Hair Repair Balm is an essential part of the holistic treatment for your hair. Shampoo will cleanse and prepare your hair for further therapy. Ginseng Balm will saturate your hair with the energy of nature! Code: 20124 f tiandeshopping RunDesire