The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 12

Allilon Launches Own-Branded Tools Globally recognised hair academy, Allilon a branded Denman Paddle Brush and a “Everything starts with scissors, they’re our Education, has launched its own branded branded ceramic Vess brush. most important tool. It took a long time range of quality styling tools, curating a kit to get these right: there were plenty of that ensures the tools used in training are The two pairs of scissors were designed prototypes, which we developed until they of the same high standard as those utilised as the foundation of the toolkit, and were were perfect.” in-salon. created from scratch, over a two-year period, to ensure they were capable of One pair is five inches in length, while the The kit includes two pairs of Allilon- achieving the detailed cutting work that other is five and a quarter inches long, and branded scissors, as well as collaborations Allilon Education and ENA Salon are both are sold with oil and a chamois, for with two other distinguished hair brands: renowned for. According to Johnny Othona maintaining the condition.