The Art Of Beauty & Well-being Issue 11 2016 - Page 10

Split Ends No More Instantly repair your hair and get ready for your close up in no time If you’re like most people, there are days when you just want to let your hair down, let the wind softly blow through it, allow it to bounce freely upon your shoulders – but then your hair just had to have a mind of its own. It’s dry, it’s frizzy, and yes, has split ends. Split ends result from excessive hair trauma. Frequent blow drying, brushing, and over exposure to the sun and chemical treatments are some of the common culprits. Split ends are more common on long hair, which can be really frustrating especially if it took years to grow it to that length. 10 the art of beauty & well-being For most, a trip to the salon to cut these nasty split ends is the only solution. But worry not, ladies, because with technology on our side, we now have a clever way to mend split ends scientifically. Introducing Brazilian Blowout’s Professional Split End Repairing Solution - the only in-salon treatment that repairs and prevents split ends immediately. It uses a special ThermoMarine Bonding System that fills up and holds damaged hair fibres together. What's more, it has Brazilian Blowout’s Super Nutrient Complex that stops potential damage and shields hair coating from harmful elements. What’s more, there is no down time after having this treatment! You can wash your hair, work out, or put it up right away if you want. Want to know more? Ganesha Group is the UK distributor of all Brazilian Blowout products, including their Professional Split End Repairing Solution. Check out and browse for more info about this amazing treatment.Your hat head days full of fly aways and split ends are about to end. See the results for yourself!