The Arabic Institute 2017/18 Catalogues Individuals- Western Learner (русский) - Page 20

Тематическое исследование Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans The selected program, the flipped classroom track, and the harmonized discipline of both Ariana and her tutor all have contributed to her fascinating ever-quick achievement. Even Русская женщина в In a frank conversation, Ariana has opened up to her tutor that the reason behind her passing the deadlines of the speaking and reading exercises, that the two-session/ week pace was placing an additional pressure on her already-full schedule, let us not forget that she is a full-time mother and wife. without the need for an intermediate language, she made her Accordingly, both Ariana and her tutor agreed to slow the pace down to one session a way into the language in a matter of days. Listen to her language after the second meeting: week for the remaining portion of her package. Afterward and in less than three months, Ariana was able to communicate full phrases with clear language. Listen to her exactly half the way of her package: But three weeks later, and as the materials get denser, By passing the final exam from the first attempt, Ariana finally got the confidence she her performance has deteriorated notably and her Student Progress Report (generated automatically) communicated that so clearly while pointing out the weakness areas alongside the completely skipped assignments: always needed to be in charge of her own learning. Listen to her astonishing results from the graduation project, a phone call with her tutor: