The Arabic Institute 2017/18 Catalogues Individuals- Western Learner (русский) - Page 18

Тематическое исследование Русская женщина в Her Challenges Ariana has already been through a number of frustrating challenges since her desire to master the language first urged her, “The lack of professional resources for non-Muslim adults in the local bookstores was among the biggest discouragements” as she describes it. Alternatives such as surfing the web to find a suitable book, to begin with, was In a nut shell Ariana not much of a help either as she lacks for the academic English, in which the S. a 33-year- old Russian mother of a 2-year-old girl, she has been majority of recourse that she wanted to try are written with. In the absence of an objective judgment, her last resort was mainly people reviews of the highly ranked recourse, but they were too vague to help her formulating an opinion, not to mention the regular devotion for long hours of surfing, saving to whatever favourite, adding to whatever basket, and then comparing, all require her to stay living in Khobar along with her husband up late in the night constantly when she was in desperate need for those few since 2012. Trying to adopt to the new long day with her petite kid. hours to have an eye shot so she could store up some energy for yet another culture she found herself in, she paid an interrupted effort to learn Arabic on her own. However, it did not yield any result. When she met Tanisha D., a student How We Help After inquiring in one email about our programs, both Ariana and her husband have agreed to try a free two-hour demo session with a female tutor as they of ours in a Russian-speakers-in-Khobar precisely requested on an agreeable date and time, at their home. Networking Event, she chose to contact around their dining table to discuss what we can offer based on her native us and see if we could ease her pain. After the introductory session, Ariana, her husband and our tutor gathered language, other acquired languages, expected progress, availability, and social circles (or who she shall be practicing the language with).