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Sick of conventional deodorants that are full of chemicals? Splash a bit of apple cider vinegar into your palms, and rub under your arms. This will help to kill bacteria, and keep body odors at bay. Mother’s secret is out of the bag! When choosing an apple cider vinegar, make sure to select one that is organic and unpasteurized, as the pasteurization process can destroy many of the health benefits. Organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar may have a cobweb-looking solid floating inside; this is known as mother of vinegar, and is a natural cellulose produced by the vinegar bacteria. The cloudy and somewhat cobweb-like structure that you may see in raw ACV is endearingly referred to as the mother, because of its life-giving properties. As the vinegar ages, the mother becomes more pronounced, and if you hold the vinegar bottle to the light you can almost always see the makings of the mother – usually suspended close to the bottom of the jar. In the mother are valuable nutrients and beneficial bacteria that make unprocessed ACV so special. Raw ACV should also have a strong aroma and make you pucker when you taste it. These signs, along with the visible appearance of the mother, are good indications that your ACV is of high quality. Some of the beneficial ingredients in raw, organic ACV include: ● Potassium: promotes cell tissue and organism growth, and helps prevent brittle teeth and hair loss ● Iron: important for blood health ● Magnesium: vital to heart health ● Enzymes: boosts chemical reactions in the body ● Malic acid: protects vinegar from viruses, bacteria and fungus ● Acetic acid: slows the digestion of starch ● Calcium: builds strong bones and teeth ● Pectin: helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol ● Ash: maintains a healthy alkaline state in the body Now, we bet you are curious to learn more aren’t you? If you are impressed so far with what apple cider vinegar can do for you…. we have more to share. Click here for 81 more scientifically proven reasons to use apple cider vinegar every single day!