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May 2016 Revival of the Old Timers’ Regatta 28 boats along with 35 “Old Timers” took part in the revival of the Club’s long standing event, the Old Timers’ Regatta and Luncheon. As the Club reaches its sesquicentenary anniversary it was only fitting for this event to attract many “vintage” Members who are an integral part of the history of The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. The rules for this event are simple, an “Old Timer” is a Member who is over 65+ years old and has been a Member for over 10 years had to skipper another Members’ boat. With a change of format this year the race took place before the Luncheon at 11:30am. Although the weather was warm, the little wind made for a slow race and the Race Committee shortened the race to make time for the Luncheon. The winners of the Old Timers’ Race are as follows: 1st Southerly - Bob Fowler 2nd - Revolver - John Paul 3rd - Jazza - Phil Shaw After lunch was served, the 130+ people in the room listened in to the speakers sharing their “Tales of an Old Timer.” Jim Wiseman, the son of Bill Wiseman of which the Old Timers’ Tackle Trophy is in memory of, opened the tales with his first memories of the Club. After Jim, Jack Gale took the microphone and in classic Jack style he didn’t hold back making the whole room erupt in laughter. Passing the microphone around Members were very happy to pop up their hand to tell their tale. Coincidently the stories revolved around what Jack said or did in the past. As per tradition, the Old Timers’ quiz took place after the tales. Written by the infamous Tom Spithill, Michael Lockley was given the task of reading out the answers. Tom, in his fine form made a few mistakes in the answers. In good spirits Michael carried on with the show and comically blamed Tom for everything. After the fiasco of getting the “correct” answers out, Rob Cole and the Pretty Woman team won the quiz. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club @rpayc Speakers’ Corner with Marine Rescue Port Stephens On Friday April 22 the CYCA and the RPAYC came together in support of Marine Rescue NSW in particular Marine Rescue Port Stephens who were heavily involved in the rescue efforts which occurred on January 6/7 for some of the returning vessels from the 2016 Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race. The guest speaker in attendance from Marine Rescue was Richard Pizzuto. Richard, an RAAF Senior Officer and Marine Rescue volunteer told his account of the events which unfolded during the Mayday calls from the vessel M3. Using recordings of the Mayday calls along with images and an informative slideshow, Richard captivated the audience with his story. During the presentation the RPAYC donated over $5000 to assist Marine Rescue Port Stephens buy much needed safety equipment. If you would like to help out with the great things Marine Rescue provide, make a donation. Every little bit counts. To make a donation follow this link. If you would like to donate directly to Marine Rescue Port Stephens follow this link. The presentation was recorded and uploaded on to YouTube. To watch Richard’s presentation follow this link Th