The Alfred's News

June 2016 Lighting of the Fire 2016 Members and guests enjoyed a delightful evening at the Club’s annual Lighting of the Fire. This year’s guest speaker was Nathan Vardanega from Soldier On. In his talk Nathan outlined the benefits that the IdS Program has made to some of the returned veterans and thanked the Club for their work with Soldier On along with the ongoing support from the Membership base. Sal Ridulfo and Norm Weaver concluded the evening thanking everyone for their attendance, whilst outlining the importance of the ongoing work within the IdS Program. RPAYC’s Annual General Meeting The nominations for Elected Officers for 2016/17 opened on Tuesday 24 May, 2016. Members interested in standing for any of the elected roles may collect a Nomination Form from the General Manager, which must be returned at the closing time, which is no later than midday on Monday, 13 June 2016. Voting will commence two weeks’ prior to the AGM which is being held on Tuesday 12 July, 2016 at 8pm. Advice of nominees, times and notice of meeting will be posted at the end of June. Summary of Positions Open for Election Director 3 years, concluding 2019 Director 3 years, concluding 2019 Rear Commodore Activities 2 years, concluding 2018 Rear Commodore Cruising 2 years, concluding 2018 Rear Commodore Centreboard 2 years, concluding 2018