THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 91

a world-class resort experience, ultimately providing maximum financial return to owner investors. Although ownership of individual residences is freehold, a rental management agreement will be signed with the hotel management company, which means that each residence is rented out as part of the hotel. Investors will receive 40% of the net rental income from their own residence. Investors do not have to pay any maintenance or other fees whatsoever once the hotel opens. The management company will pay for the running of the hotel, all hotel staff, utilities and maintenance from the other 60% of the room rental income. Based on an annual 50% occupancy rate, yields are projected to be 8.2% for the deluxe residences and 2-bedroom residences, and 9% for the luxury hotel residences. Each owner is entitled to 30 days personal use annually at the property. Any of the personal use days may be used at the boutique hotel’s two sister properties: Belize’s most upscale beachfront resort in Maya Beach, Placencia, and a 5-star boutique hotel located in the heart of the Ongamira Valley in Córdoba, Argentina. Striking a pitch-perfect balance between first-rate eco credentials and laid-back elegance, the boutique property is a statement of sustainable ethical and green luxury. The bulk of the resort’s energy comes from solar and water power. Water at the lodge will be provided from a combination of rainwater and onsite natural springs. Solar thermal generation will heat the water and wastewater will be filtered anaerobically and returned safely to the environment. What’s more, most of the buildings are constructed with local and sustainable wood. Roofs are constructed from local palm fronds. Any trees felled during construction are utilized either in the buildings or in the biomass generator. The result is that there are nearly no carbon emissions from this development, while the local economy will be enhanced by the capital investment and operation. This is a highly stylish boutique development located in the heart of the Cayo Rainforest, 90 minutes from the international airport of Belize City. Unlike many eco lodges in Belize, the property is easy to reach, situated half an hour from the bustling border town of San Ignacio which itself is a short flight from Belize City. Directly bordering the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, a 6,741-acre reserve, the property includes the gently meandering Barton Creek. It sits in the centre of culturally rich Mayan ruins and the thriving ecosystem that gives the boutique property such a distinctive character. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a gorgeous paradise located on the northeast coast of Central America. Its position provides a subtropical climate that benefits from the prevailing 91