THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 8

A stunning contemporary eco villa that brings the tranquillity of nature to interplay with the finery of luxury C osta Rica is one of the world's most sought after retirement and vacation home destinations, with property buyers captivated by its ideal climate, stable government and breathtaking natural beauty. The past 15 years in particular have seen expatriates from around the globe relocating to Costa Rica to enjoy a better quality of life. With its superb infrastructure, accessibility and healthcare, Costa Rica is attracting a growing number of foreign property investors looking to start a new life in a peaceful country with an overall high standard of living. Costa Rica property rights are well-protected. Foreigners’ legal rights of property ownership are similar to the ones Costa Ricans enjoy. Further, Costa Rica property is valued and purchased in U.S. dollars, and several of the largest American title companies, such as Stewart Title, provide binding title insurance here. 8