THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 50

value of land and building transactions. Based upon this information, real estate transactions have increased as the number of tourists increased year over year. In other words, as tourism increases, so does the value of real estate transactions. The below table shows the relative stability of the real estate and tourism growth rates over the last 15 years. Major events are marked on the growth rate chart to more easily understand when political or global events affected the growth of tourism and the value of real estate transactions. These major events have been labelled to show the relatively short-term impact Thai politics have had on the growth rate of tourism and real estate transactions in the past, to help assess how the current political situation may affect them in the future. As stability is returned, it is likely that the tourism industry will recover, as it has in the past, and as the allure of Thailand beckons tourists from around the world. 50 Inves