THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 46

resplendent with lush trees, one can see Cerro Colchequín and Terrones de Ongamira. In a setting of unsurpassed beauty, the fine property boasts one of the world’s most secluded, most comfortable and most pristine scenic settings - a community constructed in harmony with the natural environment. The area is truly magical – it is no wonder that it is so popular with the Argentinians. The hacienda-style hotel is renowned for offering some of the best horseback riding in Argentina. Catering to all riding abilities, it features about 50 horses to choose from and 5,600 beautiful acres of rolling hills to be explored. There are also a multitude of other activities within and near the property, including mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, historic sightseeing, birdwatching, fishing, rock climbing and 4-wheel vehicle treks. It is also the perfect venue for simply relaxing and enjoying the lovely landscape from a quiet corner. The property features a swimming pool, while a golf course is under construction. The hotel is near historic Alto Ongamira and other worth-visiting destinations, including Ischilín, Fader Museum, Uritorco Hill and Santa Catalina, a Jesuit convent, as well as Córdoba. The historical and beautiful city of Córdoba is the provincial capital, and the second biggest city in Argentina, and holds some of the country’s finest examples of colonial architecture. Lying about midway between the Andes and Buenos Aires, the province of Córdoba represents much that Argentina is known for, and is often thought of as the country’s heartland. Here one finds the stark juxtaposition of the flat pampas with the rolling sierras, the first mountain chain one encounters when moving west toward the Andes. This landlocked region offers some exquisite Jesuit architecture, as well as excellent outdoor activities. Only an hour’s flight from Buenos Aires, the area is a popular tourist destination because of its history and impressive landscapes. 46 Vibrant and diverse, Argentina is a truly fantastic country, with unsurpassed investment potential and lifestyle quality. It has so much to offer – Buenos Aires’ Old World elegance and New World cool; popular wine producing regions; world-class ski resorts; exclusive golf a