THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 431

Lékué With its smart design and durable construction, here is a piece of kitchenware that is perfect for today’s serious cooks. Poaching eggs made super easy Making poached eggs is no longer a science experiment. The modern-looking, nonstick egg poaching tool from Fusionbrands facilitates aesthetically pleasing, wellshaped, evenly cooked and appetising poached eggs. The pods are easy to use and once the eggs have been added, they simply float on water in a pan till the eggs are cooked to preference. The PoachPods are durable and long-lasting, thanks to 18/8 stainless steel construction. And compared to their silicone counterparts, the stainless steel construction makes them a far better conductor of heat, so eggs will cook faster. We really like the design, ease and function of these never-go-wrong, stylish little gems. Steamy wonders Lékué really knows how to make cooking a speedy and fun affair. For those unfamiliar with steaming, let us say it is a great way to make sure all the goodness stays locked into the food. Boiling can cause vitamins to be lost into the water, and frying can add all sorts of unnecessary fat to the meal. The foldable steam case is a healthy, simple and quick way to prepare dishes in the oven or microwave. The food cooks in its own juice or steam, the flavours are preserved, the aromas are intensified and the nutrients are conserved. The shape of the case provides for ideal steam circulation and faster, even cooking. Vegetables maintain their flavours and nutrients, while meat and fish emerge tender and cooked to perfection. Perfectly airtight, the 431