THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 428

Selected by TA Curated by Ann Adenius Selected by TA showcases carefully curated items, which have been crafted with thought, intention and style. From haute to homey, privilege to practical, we are selecting timeless classics with a fresh twist as well as unknown gems. Whether highlighting fabulous foodie inspirations, nifty tools, discoveries for the home and traveller, well-being and wellness tips, this is about living life gloriously and stylishly. Discover it. Try it. Love it. A charcoal griller’s secret weapon For those avid grillers who want a quick way to ignite the charcoal, this electric fire starter could be just the thing. The smart lighting tool from Looftlighter is a remarkable innovation, allowing for the lighting of charcoal in less than 60 seconds. It uses super-heated air, rather than chemical accelerants to light the grill, eliminating the concern about nasty toxic fumes that could taint the food and leave it tasting like lighter fluid or chemicals. The striking design flirts with a traditional masculine tonality, then adds a sleek modern design expression that pays homage to contem428 porary living. The patented technology uses a hot a