THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 424

the mountaintop royal tombs. Persepolis is best visited early in the morning. As the most famous sight of Iran, tourist throngs infiltrate the site year-round. Step back in time, Yazd Shiraz and Esfehan are celebrated as the most evocative cities in Iran. So Yazd province with its old town comes as a colossal surprise. Sun-baked mud bricks line winding alleyways, arches and courtyards in one of the oldest towns on earth, according to Unesco. Yazd is the heart of Iran’s Zoroastrian culture. Parched exposed brick gives Yazd the feel of some place ancient. Topped by a jungle of ‘badgir’ wind-towers, the result is a baked-brown stepped horizon. This is the spot in which to get lost and feel removed, as high walls shield houses from the mesh of lanes zigzagging the town. Get to the bazaar’s rooftop for views to leave head spinning. Yazd is ѡ