THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 400

gushing falls are revealed. Circling the falls, every channel, stream and waterway is visible with the multiple eyes straddling Zimbabwe and Zambia. Enshrouded in rising haze from the power and force of the falls, the magnitude is enhanced. To witness the falls in any form is a privilege but by helicopter is a cherished memoir. Immediately afterwards, I’m whisked by boat across the Zambezi River atop the peak of the falls, to Livingstone Island. Here, a short trek leads to the edge of the thunderous drop, with echoing roar. Offered the chance to swim to 400 the edge, I grab the hand of the guide to dip in a safe rockpool, right on the edge. I can’t help but wonder why there’s a rope directly overhead at the edge of the falls, but I decide it’s best not to ask at this moment. Be warned, the waters are mighty forceful so only enter here if you can hold your own against the power of the gushing river. Just steps from the edge, a small marquee is set up on a grassy verge, where a sumptuous luncheon is served in a scene straight from ‘Out of Africa.’ Livingstone Island is an unmissable add-on to any Victoria Falls itinerary.