THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 393

Photo: Anisha Shah Kaya Mawa is Africa’s answer to the Maldives but loaded with authenticity. Rather than just incorporate the surrounding local life, Kaya Mawa showcases it as the highlight, positioned amidst its raw and unedited beauty. Watching local fishermen oar past my villa deck in dugout canoes is enchanting. The boats are overflowing in a mesh of green fishing net and lined by around six Malawian fishermen, all rowing in sync. They drift past, seemingly oblivious to all but the end goal. Ashore, some women wait for the fathers and sons to return, helping to offload catch. Music is playing and the atmosphere is celebratory. In the evening, gospel singers from the Church choir, right by the beach, walk into the lodge to perform. Better yet, head to the Church on a Sunday morning to hear the acoustics live. Exploring the untouched island is a treat. Locals are genuine and gentle, with an unassuming nature. Likoma is one of the few places on the planet that remains so. I choose the Quad Bike option at Kaya Mawa to tour the island with a guide, ensuring the tour remains culturally sensitive. Likoma actually has one of the biggest cathedrals in Africa. It’s startling 393