THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 351

Lovers of Japanese cuisine will know their sushi and sashimi is in safe hands as soon as they hear the name Scott Hallsworth, a highly skilled and experienced exponent of Japanese cuisine. Having delighted discerning Nobu regulars both in the UK and in his home country of Australia for years, Scott has continued to pursue his passion for pushing gastronomic boundaries with his latest project. Scott opened Japanese rock ‘n’ roll restaurant Kurobuta on London’s Kings Road in October 2013 to critical acclaim. Following its success, Scott recently opened a second Kurobuta on Kendal Street in the heart of Marylebone where he continues to give Japanese classics a contemporary fun twist. What is your earliest food memory? I think it was my mum's lamb stew. It was usually lamb on the bone, lots of potatoes and carrots and a brownish gravy which was always mopped up with some bread and butter. What made you decide to become a chef? I have always been fascinated by cooking, it seemed like a natural thing to do What was the first meal you ever cooked? Nachos and tacos. My dad taught me these and from that point onward he endured them every Friday night for quite some time. What do you wish you had known when you started as a chef? Nothing more than I did back then, I might have been scared off. What or who inspires you to cook? Tickets restaurant in Barcelona is a huge inspiration, other than that I am self motivated, I cook because I get a kick out of this style of food; that’s the biggest motivator. Which is the best restaurant you have ever been to and why? The French Laundry or El Bulli. Both are a kind of pilgrimage. The level of commitment to quality and their level of passion is mind blowing. What is the process of writing a recipe? I start with a base idea then start to build elements of balance around it. It almost always starts on paper then I start testing it in the kitchen. It might gel immediately or it may never take off. 351