THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 348

Or patrons could say: "I eat everything but roasted peppers." From this, the restaurant builds a personalized menu for the table. Examples of tapas include exploding olives (an El Bulli legacy), mini airbags stuffed with Manchego cheese, cannelloni of avocado stuffed with crab, finely sliced home-salted tuna belly painted with cured ham fat of jamon de toro, spiced tomato tartare served with bread crisps, eggshells filled with a potato cream, truffle and egg, or cornet with tuna and nori. Designed like a fairground complete with candyfloss machines and ice cream carts, the décor is whimsical, full of colour, and cheerfully theatrical. There are six open cooking stations, bar counter seating, heavy wooden tables on one side, and bright wrought iron chairs and light coloured tables on the other. Colourful globes are suspended from the ceiling and wait staff wear coat-tails. From precise preparation, to artful presentation and divine food, here is a playground for tapas and sweets no food lover should miss. LA COMISARIA Valencia, Spain This is an absolute gem of a place, a small and intimate restaurant serving tasty tapas-style dishes with a decidedly stylish twist. The food is simply fantastic and super fresh. The cuisine is an exciting Mediterranean and Asian fusion. The inventiveness, presentation, delicacy and balance of flavours, plus the expert use of regional produce, all influenced by Asian flavouring, is exceptional. Owner-chef Eddie Phillips Blanco creates his devilishly innovative dishes in the open kitchen and takes great care with each plate he sends out. The beautifully presented food epitomises small works of visual art in every dish. Do not miss those fun peta zetas desserts – Spanish candy that produces little explosions when put in the mouth. Both the ever-evolving food and the astutely selected wines reward diners. Hospitality is tremendous, from start to finish. 348