THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 335

Photo: Bandar Abdul-Jauwad Atelier Amaro Maaemo and is rightfully proud of having produced the first restaurant in the country to land a coveted Michelin star. The underlying concept is a celebration of simplicity, with the produce almost entirely sourced from the meadows and mountains, forests and lakes of Poland. While the construction of the dishes is often elaborate and almost forensic in approach, there is nothing pointlessly showy about the dishes. Amaro intends to move Polish ingredients and cuisine beyond the pierogi, and bases his cuisine on an interest in old Polish royal dishes and a desire to showcase long-forgotten ingredients. The kitchen itself is a laboratory in which experiments with long-forgotten Polish ingredients are employed. Chokeberries, wild herbs, edible flowers, wild game and mushrooms are resurrected to their former place. Meals employ traditional Polish plants like nettles and beetroot in surprising, highly creative dishes, including juniper ice cream hugging a miniature chocolate cake with chestnuts. However, dishes change almost daily, so expect the unexpected. The bread basket includes Amaro’s famous offering made with burnt organic hay. All of the dishes are works of art, a mindblowing array of amazing food. There are solely tasting menus on offer, with food being served in three, five or eight courses, known here as “moments”. The dinner itself is like a ceremony, with each moment preceded by a professional introduction by the waiter. 335