THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 296

T hrough the thick and thin of the real estate market, Phuket has remained the pearl of the Andaman for more than 15 years. And with the government planning to spend more than USD500 million in infrastructure, sustained growth is bound to mark the region’s future as well. Knowledgeable buyers from around the world come for Phuket’s stunning coastline, fabulous beaches, crystal blue waters, wonderful climate and relaxing tropical lifestyle. They have maintained Phuket as Thailand’s premier vacation and second home destination. Phuket real estate attracts buyers from Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia, plus closer to home locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore and the rest of Asia. They come looking for a sophisticated tropical getaway and a good investment with strong rental returns and a good outlook for capital appreciation. The demand they create, along with the shortage of well- 296 situated quality properties, pushes prices ever higher. These modern holiday homes capture the essence of luxury beachfront living, combined with amazing views. With sparkling blue ocean and brilliant sunny skies, the fantastical seascape of Phang Nga is at the doorstep of the three duplexes. Exuding a serene, contemporary ambience, each residence is articulately designed with enhanced living space for comfort, functionality and entertainment. The luxurious properties showcase a cool modern style throughout, with lightfilled interiors. Crisp white decor and loads of glasswork in harmony to create a sophisticated and airy living space. The sweeping, geometric lines an BF