THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 274

and sophisticated charm, coupled with a rare ambience. Situated as it is within an abundance of natural splendour, the meticulously designed country estate delivers a lifestyle of privacy and serenity. A world apart from the everyday, the sprawling estate opens up a world of grace, tranquillity and good taste, a place where demanding owners may indulge their appetite for the best in life. There is a rustic, casual charm, an ambience that is timeless and elegant, yet understated. Designed and crafted to absolute perfection, here is where form and function are harmoniously brought together to create a spacious layout for grand and luxurious living. Offering the ideal combination of space, functionality and comfort, the refined property radiates beauty, inside and out. Premium materials were used throughout. The beautiful country home delivers character that fuses traditional features with the elegance of contemporary comfort. F