THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 247

A luxurious penthouse that satisfies every demand for quality, style and comfort, at a desirable address A fter years in the doldrums, Spain’s property market is showing renewed vitality, and nowhere more so than in the capital city of Madrid, where values have climbed by 5% over the course of the last year. Wise lifestyle investors know Madrid is centrally located, with excellent transportation links to the rest of Europe and beyond. Madrid is also the country’s commercial capital. But despite its international cachet and modern pace, those investors know the city does not share the high-speed lifestyle attached to other Western European capitals, such as Paris, London and even Rome. With deep and pure Spanish roots, Madrid is ideal for international executives and their families searching for a permanent base in Europe, while capitalizing on the fabulous quality of life. With the introduction of Spain’s Golden Visa law, Madrid’s luxury real estate is increasingly 247