THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 219

A refined residence that offers a superior lifestyle in lakefront splendour S heltered by the Alps, most of the Italian Lakes District benefits from a superb microclimate, allowing for that perfect combination – a Mediterranean lifestyle in a mountainous landscape. The extravagant beauty of the Italian Lakes has attracted visitors and residents for centuries, with idyllic landscapes of tranquil water, ringed by soaring snow-capped mountains that descend dramatically to meet the shoreline. The accessibility of the Italian Lakes is part of their appeal, for visitors and homeowners alike. They are an hour or so from Milan’s three airports, making a weekend break eminently workable. The high demand and limited supply of luxury holiday homes for sale in the region makes for a very promising future for property owners and investors alike. The lakes attract German, Scandinavian and Russian buyers, as well as Italians from the economic centres of Milan and Turin. Lake Orta, one of the smallest and least-known of northern Italy's subalpine lakes, is the most enchanting. The Cusio, as the region around Lake Orta is called, is blessed with the most wonderful scenic beauty, exquisite culture and heritage. It is a coveted spot for owning that second home. Property for sale in Lake Orta is always in high demand, with the area offering outstanding scenery, excellent communications, access to skiing and good rental potential in both summer and winter. Housed in a magnificent historic mansion villa, this is the sort of luxurious residence that caters to the most sophisticated tastes and living requirements. Surrounded by a gorgeous park of almost three acres so close to all of Lago 219