THE ADDRESS Magazine Summer 2014 - Page 107

Education, most of them bilingual (English, German, French or Hebrew), which offer worldwide recognised programs such as the Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). Costa Rica boasts a very affordable cost of living and offers a high quality of life, providing unparallelled value. Other Central American nations may have a lower cost of living, but dollar for dollar, Costa Rica is the best value in terms of quality of life. Investors from the United States and Canada are the major foreign property buyers in Costa Rica, but demand from Panama, Nicaragua and Columbia is rising. A fine example of superb contemporary architecture, this stylish villa features minimalist decor and utilizes clean, pure lines, graced with touches of ultimate luxury and enchanting views. The striking villa achieves a high level of architectural sophistication, while embracing the surrounding natural splendour in an ambience of serenity. The fine family retreat showcases the best in architectural design: contemporary elegance, sensuality and an unmistakable style. 107