THE ACTS August 2013 English - Page 8

THE ONLY WAY commitment with God in reading the word, praying and giving. The same God exists even now who will heal and bless us if we have a relationship. God will bless our generations till the rapture though we have known Christ for only 2000 years. The church has not yet been blessed. So we should begin this journey now and make the blessing our identi?cation. Here Jesus is identifying healing as the bread of the children. God honours His children! So, healing and prosperity are children’s bread. The blessing is the standard. “A life of no sickness, no lack is the food for our generations and ourselves.” The church could not taste no sickness and no lack because they did not claim. We possess what we claim and lose what we do not. What we bind on the earth is bound in heaven. The church had the authority but never used it due to lack of wisdom. When we forgive somebody, we bless ourselves and not them, “ Forgive our trespasses as we have forgiven those who trespass against us” is a prayer before the cross of the Old Testament. But the prayer in the New Testament after the cross is, “ Lord as you have forgiven me, so I will also forgive others”. A person who doesn’t forgive others has forgotten that he has been forgiven. So, we need to remind ourselves of our righteousness and that Christ has made us righteous and holy. Even if we are in a very grievous sin, we are still righteous. We can never fall from the blood given righteousness. So we should always remember the works of righteousness. When we are holy, only great holy works come from us. And we become more holy, powerful and glorious. Hebrews 2 : 16 Says, For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham. When Jesus came on the earth, He took the seed of Abraham because of his relationship with God. When a person is abusing us, we should be calm. Because he is a sinner and we are righteous. We should tell him that we can never speak like him as we are righteous. Our God is righteous so our works and words also will be righteous. Grace brings righteousness and adorns the people of God only with good works. So, we should adorn ourselves with grace. God promotes only righteousness. Jacob prayed that he should be blessed. God asked him, what his name was. When Jacob told his name, which meant cheater, God changed his name to Israel. Whoever we might be, if we tell the truth to God, then He will bless us. We need not play any games with God and ask only for more Grace. In the church at Corinth, there were people who were indulging in prostitution. Then Paul preached, “ Your body is the temple of God.” Even when a person is in the act of sin, God is in his body. Because God is in us, we should not sin. The way to change a person has only changed but the law is the same. Unless we are holy, we cannot see God. Holiness comes only from Grace and not by Law. The procedure to change a person has changed from Law to Grace so, we should not be deceived. “Grace does not encourage sin”. We cannot see God without holiness. But still Jesus washed us in His blood yet while we were sinners and came to live in us. Paul told the people at Corinth, that they were still holy. They forgot that God was living in them and so sinned. They forgot that they were holy because the Almighty glorious God was living in them. When a person is committing a sin, does he need law or should we remind him of his holiness? Yes, we should remind him of his holiness. The more we remind ourselves that we are holy, holy words and works will come out. Hallelujah! If we say we are righteous, we will do only righteous works so, we need to be more holy and righteous. Does a person need to do righteous works in order to be righteous? Or does he need to do righteous works because he is righteous? As we are righteous,we should only do righteous works. We are a ???????????????????????]?????????????????????%?????????????????A??????????????????????Q????????????????????????????????A????A????????a?????????????!????M?????d?]???????????????????????????!????M??????????????(+??????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????!?????????????????)?????????????????????e?????????????????????()M?????????(+?q??????????????????????????????????????????????t??Q????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????()A???()Q!? QL?UUMP?????((0