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JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH MINISTRIES THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES Volume 1 Issue 6 August 2013 JCNM MONTHLY MAGAZINE The Almighty God's Word, strengthens the weak, comforts the depressed and mends the broken hearts. Even so, the Grace Apostle Paul, through his books in the Bible, strengthened, comforted and encouraged the believers of the early Church. Paul's preachings of Grace led the believers to grow in faith, stand steadfast in the love of God, get blessed by the Grace of Jesus and also experience the power of the Holy Spirit forever. Likewise, Brother K. Shyam Kishore, a preacher of Grace for the present day Church is also strengthening and comforting many believers. The Poster, the Last Enemy Death under the feet of the church has been revealed as a part of his vision. So, such revealing visions, empowering messages and inspiring testimonies are being shared every month through " THE ACTS " a mon monthly magazine published by mon JCNM. JCNM Content JCNM Volume 1 Issue 6 August 2013 04 The Only Way - MAN OF GOD K. SHYAM KISHORE 12 from Sorrow to Joy A Journey of Life COVER PAGE 14 The Fruit of Meditation -MAN OF GOD K. SHYAM KISHORE Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven - Matthew 6:10 23 BE BOLD on the Judgement Day - MAN OF GOD K. SHYAM KISHORE Designed & Printed By JCNM MEDIA JCNM PRINT MEDIA Now we are in itunes listen to the Word of God and be Blessed follow us on Youtube JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH MINISTRIES C/O Crystal Gardens,13-6-445/1, Ring Road P.V.N.R.Flyover,Beside Pillar No: 86 Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad - 500006. Phone : 040 - 47 47 48 48. login THE ACTS AUGUST 2013 PAGE 01