THE ACTS August 2013 English - Page 17

The Fruit of Meditation Him, somehow or the other. But if only she was caught, she would be stoned to death. How was the woman so bold enough to carry out the act? And from where did she get so much faith? Firstly, the woman had an incurable disease. Secondly, it was a chronic disease for 12 years. Thirdly, no doctor or medicine could cure her. All these extremes, superseeded her thought and mind. Driven by a passion to get healed, she boldly took the step. The woman was much depressed of her state. But when she heard of Jesus, she started saying to herself that if she touched the clothes of Jesus, she would be healed. When she was repeatedly saying to herself, her faith started growing. Hallelujah! When we hear the word, we get faith. But when we say to ourselves, our faith grows. When her faith grew more than her impossible problem, she just left her home and went in search of Jesus. Faith overcomes our fears and goes beyond our limits. Faith breaks all barriers and makes the impossible, possible. The woman had many negative issues to think, get depressed and cry her soul out. But she overcame them and meditated only on the thought that Jesus could heal her. The woman’s faith grew more than her unbelief and disease. She magnified her thought. “No matter, how many troubles are keeping us down, how many sicknesses are eating our body, what we say, will lift us up. Hallelujah! We magnify what we say”. Believers have faith but they do not know how to use it. The woman knew how to use her faith.When she kept meditating on the thought of touching the garment of Jesus, her problem diminished and Jesus was greater than her problem. She magnified God in herself and in her spirit by saying to herself. We increase what we focus on and de- crease what we do not. The woman did not focus on her chronic problem, but only on a solution. When she was considering the possible odds, God opened a path for her. “ She only had to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment”. The woman knew the word and the Holy spirit helped her with it. She meditated on the word, which said, Jesus Christ is the Anointed, then the Holy spirit gave her a secret. When Aaron was anointed with oil, it ran down upon the beard, his clothes and reached till the end of his garments. Then the woman was enlightened with the thought that even the hem of the garment would have the anointing. The Holy Spirit taught her the mystery that if she touched the hem, she would be healed! She received a revelation and started meditating on it. When she repeatedly said to herself that if she could touch the garment, she would be healed, she carried it out and received healing. We should also fight out with our negative situations. There is no scope for any pain in our body, no grief or problems in our life. We should ask ourselves, why we are not being delivered? And think of a solution. We are only listening to the Word but we are not saying it to ourselves.We only think that God is not comforting us. We should actually hold onto the promise that God will comfort us and we will be comforted. When we do not say, we will not be comforted. The woman only said to herself of the healing so, when she went and touched the garment she was healed! Let us now examine what Jesus said to her. MARK 5 : 34 SAYS, And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague. “ And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:” Our faith will give a new solution. The woman with the issue of blood thought and a solutiob was given. “Jesus told the woman taken in adultery, go, and sin no More ” THE ACTS AUGUST 2013 PAGE 15