THE ACTS August 2013 English - Page 14

- Rajeshwari that it could be Cancer. I was very am Rajeshwari and my upset and afraid. They performed a husband's name is Nageshwar Rao. biopsy and conformed it as Cancer. We are blessed with 3 boys. We The doctors said that they were have been residents of Balajinagar for 20 years. We are from an eco- uncertain of my state as the Cancer was in the 3rd stage. We were very nomically backward class. worried and asked the doctors for I was having throat pain for some- an operation. The doctors said that time. I went for a check up and the an operation could not be done at doctors diagnosed it as Thyroid. I that stage. It was very serious and have been on Thyroid medication risky because I might lose my voice. for a year but there was no improve- We all were devastated at the docment. From the month of Septem- tors report. We leaned onto God in ber the pain increased. We went such a helpless state and kept prayfor a check up. The doctors advised ing diligently to God for comfort. some tests. All the test reports were At that time, one sister of our normal but the pain persisted. I acquaintance gave us some hope. con?ded with my sister of the pain and in order to ?nd out the reason, She told us to attend Pastor Shyam she took me to another doctor.The Kishore's Church - JCNM. She told doctor told me to have an endosco- us that there was nothing to fear py. In this test they found a tumor and comforting us with her hopeful in the throat. The doctor doubted words, brought us to JCNM. I PAGE 12 THE ACTS AUGUST 2013