THE ACTS August 2013 English - Page 13

CHENNAI TESTIMONIES Delivered from the Evil Spirit that caused deafness for 14 I am Yamuna. I have been suffering from the evil spirit which caused deafness for 14 years. I cannot hear anything. I participated in the JCNM healing service in June. Pastor Shyam Kishore prayed for my deliverance. Immediately the evil spirit left my body and ?ed. Now I can hear properly. I thank Jesus for my healing and Pastor Shyam Kishore for his prayer. years. PRAYER Lord Yahweh, We praise your holy name. We thank you Father for the amazing healings and miracles that you are doing in the Church. We thank you for making the healings as light for the Gentiles. Lord, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. Lord perform much greater miracles so that the Church will see and experience your latent Powers. Lord bless the Church to conquer sickness, lack and death. Lord perform many wonders and miracles so that people will know that you are the only living God. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we pray. Amen. Flesh grown between 2 bones got healed. I am prone to getting diseases in my body. In the Spinal cord, between 2 bones, some ?esh grew. The doctors advised Laser treatment. When I attended the JCNM meeting, Pastor Shyam Kishore prayed in the name of Jesus. After that the heaviness in my body disappeared and I felt light. The ?esh also got healed! I thank Jesus for healing me and Pastor Shyam Kishore for his prayer. I have come from Hyderabad. I got a tumor 4 months ago, below my jaw. I suffered a lot due to the tumor. I went to many doctors for treatment but it was not healed. One morning, Pastor Shyam Kishore's message was being telecast on T.V. After the sermon, Pastor said that if anybody needs a healing prayer, they should take a glass of water, dip a ?nger in the water and agree in prayer with him. I followed the instruction. He told to apply some water on the sick part and then drink the rest of the water. I did exactly like that and within 3 days, the tumour vanished. I thought of sharing this testimony at JCNM but could not do it. So, I shared my testimony in a church at Chennai. I thank God for healing me completely and I thank Pastor Shyam Kishore for his prayer. Healed of a Tumor through prayer on T.V. I am from Hyderabad but now I am residing in Chennai. Once I attended the JCNM service at Hyderabad. From there I brought the sacrament and gave it to my husband. He has been suffering from Diabetes since 2 years. Immediately all sugar levels became normal. After that we tested the sugar levels many times, but they were normal always. I also gave the sacrament to my son mixed in a Dosa. My son asked why I was making such a Dosa? I told my son that something was going to happen. That night when my son was rid ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5??????????????????????????????????????????????????????$??????)?????????????????????????$??????)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????() ??????????????9???????????????M??????????????????????????()Q!? QL?UUMP?????()A???((