THE ACTS August 2013 English - Page 12

I am Sreenivas. I have been consuming Alcohol since 10 years. I have been coming to JCNM since 3rd January. One day I took the Holy Communion here at JCNM. And from that day, I just hated Alcohol. After a few days, I got Jaundice. I became very weak. Many people told me that I would die. I believed Jesus and prayed that death should be brought under my feet. I thank God, I have been healed! I have also been delivered from my 10 years of Alcohol Addiction. Many people asked me how I was healed and became healthy. I told them boldly that the Jesus I believed has healed me and I am hale and healthy. I thank Jesus for my healing. 10.Delivered from 10 years of Alcohol Addiction. 11. Healed from inability to speak due to Witchcraft. I am Adilakshmi from Guntur. I lost the ability to speak due to some witchcraft done on me. One acquaintance of mine brought me to JCNM. I took JCNM prayer oil and used it continuously. I would drink, apply it on the head and forehead. I was healed completely. I have been cured of my inability to speak for 10 years. I thank Jesus and Pastor Shyam Kishore for my healing. BENGALURU TESTIMONIES 1. Healed from 5 years of Pain in the Spine. I am Jerusha. I have been suffering from pain in the Spine since 5 years because of Osteoporosis.Last month I attended the JCNM service. Pastor Shyam Kishore prayed in the name of Jesus. Immediately I was healed of my 5 years of Pain in the Spine. I thank Jesus and Pastor Shyam Kishore for his prayer. 2. Healed from Body pains. My wife Krishnaveni would suffer everyday from pains in the body. Some part or the other would always be in pain. In the JCNM healing prayer service, she was called onto the stage and Pastor prayed for her. From that day there are no pains in her body and she has been healed completely. I thank Jesus and Pastor Shyam Kishore for the healing. 3.Healed from Water Accumulation in the Stomach. As there was some water accumulation in the stomach, I was operated 4 times. I also could not walk properly because of a snake bite. I attended the JCNM service where Pastor Shyam Kishore prayed for me in the name of Jesus. Now I am completely healed from all problems. I thank Jesus and Pastor for my healing. 4. Healed from Stomach Cancer. My wife Leena Mary, was diagnosed of stomach cancer. We attended the JCNM healing services 3 times. Pastor Shyam Kishore rebuked the cancer and prayed in the name of Jesus. My wife is completely healed of cancer. I thank Jesus for the healing and Pastor for his prayers. 5.Delivered from Satanic Powers. Praise the Lord. One day I came to one of the JCNM healing services. I heard the word of God and also the Healing Prayers. From my childhood, I felt heaviness in my head. When Pastor Shyam Kishore prayed for me, I felt all the heaviness vanish. I am very happy, pleasant and healthy from that time. I thank Jesus for healing me. I thank Pastor for his prayers. PAGE 10 THE ACTS AUGUST 2013