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Welcome to The 411 Magazine and 2017 !
What an adventure this launch issue has been . The team and I have been working hard to deliver a unique urban magazine that will entertain you , our readers .
This issue is packed with talent including an exclusive interview with MC Bushkin , a UK Garage and Grime music legend ( see page 34 ) New Jersey sensation Broccoli , of the Kitchen Boyz ( page 10 ). A behind the scenes look at the diary of an international DJ ( see page 13 ) plus the latest Spring 2017 fashion must haves from Style To Go ( see page 24 )
2016 was a year of change and many talented contributors to the arts and entertainment industry passed away . There legacy will be honoured in our ICONS series , the first of which sees James Wilkinson reflect on his memories of David Bowie ( page 39 ).
Cola Coaster Peppaboy Trill McCoy scopes out all that West Coast Florida has to offer ( page 22 ) and read how WOMENSTRONG are working in Africa developing solutions to alleviate poverty .
The 411 Magazine has contributors from across the globe and we have squeezed the industry for the juiciest inside information ( see page 6 )
I believe in the hidden talent the world has , so , I developed The 411 Magazine to create a platform for the urban community that will educate and illuminate .
I ' m looking for contributor ' s who have the inside scoop , so drop me a line : editor @ the411magazine . com
Until next time peace , love and music .

Amanda xoxo

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