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Lloyd has returned after his five-year break away from music , “ I ’ m simply picking up where I left off , it ’ s not a comeback , I ’ m just making up for lost time ,” Lloyd told Billboard . He hit us with his 1st single “ Tru ” off the new EP of the same title , which was released on the 9th December . Lloyd opens up to his fans with the most personal work to date based on real life experiences he went through in his absence .
“ Hey World I know it ’ s been a while , just thought I ’ d come around and let you know what ’ s up now . No album lately so my money ’ s kind of up-down , but I ’ ve still been taking care of my mama and them , somehow .’”
So personal that Lloyd didn ’ t even want to release it at first , it took him a while to even listen to his own song while it was being played and listened to by friends and family . For someone that had been in the music industry for almost two decades , this was a new kind of vulnerability for an artist like Lloyd . At the age of fifteen Lloyd started his career in the boy band N-Toon forming in the late 90 ’ s and releasing an album in 2000 separating soon after . 2003 saw Lloyd signing to the label Murder Inc . home to acclaimed rapper Ja Rule and to superstar Ashanti . His first solo hit the title track from his debut album Southside teaming up with Ashanti was a hit but it wasn ’ t until his sophomore album Street Love and the smash hit You with a verse from rapper Lil Wayne who was about to blow up really caught people ’ s attention . Lessons in Love , Lloyd ’ s third album followed shortly a year later to be precise , although it wasn ’ t as successful as his album Street Love it was his best work to date . Following a departure with his label Murder Inc . Lloyd was back on the hook of Young Money ’ s chart topping hit BedRock . His last full-length project King of Hearts featuring the song Dedication to my Ex , was released in 2011 and with a few features after Lloyd was gone from the scene .
Lloyd ’ s five track EP features Rick Ross on the track Heavenly and 2 Chainz who stars on the Tru remix , Lloyd teams up with his old pal Lil Wayne on the song Holding . On the EP and up and coming album Lloyd reveals , “ I ’ ve never attacked the content of my life like this ,” Lloyd told Billboard . “ The EP and album were inspired by all kinds of biographical storylines of the past few years . And the bottom line message is that there ’ s nothing wrong with being who you are . I really enjoy the fact that no one is perfect or imperfect . That ’ s the message I ’ m sharing .” The cover of his album which shows Lloyd naked sitting comfortably on a rock in North Georgia and the lyrics he shares with us in this five track EP is to show his bare naked honesty . “ People try to hide their flaws ,” he says , “ but I think the flaws make them a beautiful person . And that ’ s what Tru is all about .”
Lloyd is planning to release his first full- length album ‘ Out My Window ’ next year ; he is keeping tight -lipped about what is to come on the new album but judging by the taster we have had with the Tru single , EP and his candour so far , it looks set to be a emotional masterpiece .
Melissa-Ellesse Assibey