The 411 Magazine The 411 Issue 1 Jan/Feb 2017 - Page 36

else other than music !” I didn ’ t realise at the time why she said that , so I just laughed it off , much like some of your readers might right now .
I ’ ve been through the industry up , down and sideways . I ' d tell them this , there is so much pressure on artists to produce . Fans really have no compassion , they just want the best of you , all of the time . They want the best tunes , they don ’ t care what ’ s happening in your personal life – You could of lost family members or be going through a break-up or having a financial issue ... They don ’ t care ! All they want to know is that next tune , they know the last one was banging . Especially the fans that pay money to come to see you at a show , if you don ’ t deliver , they will talk and comment things like “ Oh so and so is rubbish ” or “ Oh he ’ s washed up ” and these things really hurt . When you ’ ve taken the time to build a tune , sweat blood and tears go into it . You put your heart and soul into it and comments like that can kill you !
Other aspects of the music industry to be mindful of are the people who are jealous of you . Some will bad mouth you when you ’ re in the limelight . People hating and trying to rob you of that moment and pull you down .
Then there are other elements like , when success goes to your head and you become a different person , people can turn on you . One cause of that is when you are doing really , really well , booking the big shows , the pressure is high . You have to perform and bring it as high as you did the last one . You ’ ve set the bar and are competing with that last show every time , some people then start to think they need an extra little pick up . Some turn to drink to ease nerves before these shows and that ’ s a pitfall because then you start to rely on it . I ’ ve never been one for that , I don ’ t have an addictive behaviour but I ’ ve seen it happen first hand , many times . My thing is I always keep my family around me to stay grounded . Drugs also play a big part in the industry . I ’ ve seen some turn to them to help
36 36 them in the studio . In this industry you ’ re giving all the time , it ’ s a constant piece of you that fans and the business side of things are hungry for every day . When you give like that , you end up exhausted . You ’ re not eating properly , you ' re doing all these shows and not paying attention to your nutrition . It ' s a lot .
People really don ’ t understand the pressures of the job . Look at someone like Whitney Houston or Frank Sinatra , even DMX and Elvis . When you ’ re in the limelight it ’ s not easy to deal with , the pressure is real . It ’ s not all glamour and fame . There is a whole dark side to it . I ’ ve seen artists , brilliant artists I know on a personal level in the UK , turn . They ’ ve been swallowed by it all and have been admitted into psychiatric homes . I ’ ve seen it with my own two eyes . It ’ s not what a lot of people think it is at all . I ’ m not being negative , that ’ s the truth .
However , if you get over all of that and you ' re going to go for it with your music , you really have to know yourself . When I say know yourself , I mean know yourself . Be strong . What you like and what you don ’ t like . Know what you ’ re about , know your roots and be brave enough to have a bottom line and never go below or beyond that point .
What ’ s your favourite thing about being an artist ? Being able to travel and meet different people and characters . That and spreading the vibe and exchanging energy .
In 2017 are you touring still ? Yes , Heartless Crew are back . We ' ve been been doing this since 1992 and we are just as ready as ever ! So far we ' re going to Austria for the Snowbombing Festival ( 3-8 April 2017 ) and then we ' re off to Malta , for Annie Mac ’ s Lost and Found Festival ( 13 -16 April 2017 .)
Sum up yourself in 3 words ? Peace . Love and Pum Pum . Peace with myself , my fans and everyone I touch in the industry . Love . It ’ s all about love . Love is the greatest and love conquers all . Pum Pum brings life and it ’ s all about more life . www . soundcloud . com / bushbashrecordings
Interview by A . Sweeney