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What have you been up to ? I ’ ve been in the studio with lots of different artists . I ' ve just finished a track with Egypt , called ' Don ’ t Wanna Be ', that should launch around springtime . I featured on a track with a great artist called Mils , we released a track back end of last year with New Money Recordings . We have a remix with Bramma from Jamaica in the works which also is looking good .
Why the remix ? I just think it gives you a two for one . We take different artists and mix it up , people like the original and we add a twist . MC Shizzle from the grime days is involved . Izzy Gibbs is on that remix too . Remixes give value for money plus it makes sure we ' re covering all the bases , from Jamaica to the UK , with Grime and Bashment influences on it .
Tell us the difference between the UK and Worldwide scene ? The UK is representing right now , its really kicking off , the spotlight is on us ! America is watching us , Jamaica is watching us and right now it ’ s all about UK music . We have finally caught up to the international standard . Our music can be played alongside anybody , from anywhere and sound just as good , if not better ! ( Laughs ).
How do you mean ? The finished product is cleaner ! The quality of the tracks is sharper and ready for main stream airplay , in terms of the finished product . The internet has played a big part in that , for the mere fact that you can hear what the rest of the world is doing , everything is so accessible . You can hear when your stuff is falling short . Big up all the producers in the UK , because they have really upped their game . They are setting levels and the pace and to be honest , we ' ve always had a vibe but we just didn ’ t know how to execute it . Now when we get the finished product , its sounds finished .
You ’ ve been on the road a lot , where are some of the places you ’ ve performed this year ( 2016 )? I just came back from Amsterdam , I went for Garage Nation at club AIR . I ’ ve been to Amsterdam many time ' s before but this was the first time Garage Nation has and it was absolutely sick , they sold out both days , it was sold out and extra ! ( Laughs ) It was like sardines in there man , but it had that old school vibe , like 2000 / 2001 . You can smoke in the clubs in Amsterdam , you can smoke pretty much whatever you want still , which you can ’ t here in the UK . It was that electric vibe , everyone ’ s smoking … It was hype . Excellent ! Brilliant , brilliant event !
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