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The Golden Goddess Oil is a luxurious dry oil packed with gold shimmer particles to illuminate your skin . This hero product adds a shimmering beautiful glow and also works as the perfect facial highlighter or body oil for that hint of luminosity . www . cloud10beauty . com
No Dark Shadows TM / MC is a multipurpose under eye concealer . Designed to conceal imperfections , dark circles and highlight the complexion . Available in two universal shades – Wow ( rosy tone ) and
Pizazz ( yellow tone ), No Dark Shadows TM / MC will wake the eye up and highlight the t-zone . The oil-free formula , is waterproof and long lasting ! www . knowcosmetics . com
I ’ m sitting here writing this and my upper lip feels a bit numb . I did quickly apply a cold flannel after use and hope this gets rid of the redness by tomorrow morning for work . Gawd . Okay , I just ran to the mirror and despite a numb burning there is no redness in my face , phew ! Perhaps once I get the knack , it will work a bit better .
Time to confess . I hope you never noticed it or I hope I just get lucky like the girl in Be Kind Rewind ( the video store comedy starring Jack Black and Mos Def , who confesses to his love interest , Alma , that he still wants to kiss her despite her moustache . A very sweet and real moment ).
Anyway , as some of my fellow ladies will understand , I ’ m a little hairy . I ’ ve tried all the different methods and am still looking for the holy grail in getting smooth skin effortlessly without painful side effects or too much cost .
The strips only hurt a little and I was impressed by , ahem , the amount of pesky hairs it removed . They are convenient and easy to use , so great if you are looking for a quick-fix option .
One of the latest trends to sweep the beauty world is women shaving their face , with bloggers and vloggers admitting to hitting the razor . This trend is actually rooted in history with beauty icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor having said it was their ultimate ‘ beauty secret ’ to creating a more flawless finish once makeup is applied .
Jolen , the brand known for its iconic Creme Bleach , has just launched Jolen Face Wax Strips which make for a great alternative for those who are cautious of using a razor on delicate skin on their face . They are suitable for sensitive skin , and the results will last up to 4 weeks - much longer and safer than shaving ! www . jolenbeauty . com
However , if they are made for sensitive skin , well , I think they just made my skin become sensitive . I was a little red raw afterwards though so wonder if the ease of ready to use strips is worth it if I ’ m feeling numb in the lower half of my face ?
Have to admit though , Jolen appears to offer a quick , easy , effortless solution . Low budget , so worth considering if you want a quick fix , are experienced at waxing and want to save money and time not visiting a salon . Plus the packaging offers clear instructions and great tips on before and aftercare like how to get rid of wax residue .
Pros : Cheap Quick and easy to use Little wax residue left on skin
Cons : After effects - unsure if really made for sensitive skin May not provide complete coverage of hair removal
Christian Louboutin ' s perfume oils are a new and highly luxurious way to experience his three signature women ' s fragrances : Bikini Questa Sera , Tornade Blonde and Trouble in Heaven . These perfume oils caress the skin ; the most indulgent and sensuous way for a woman to apply fragrance and to delight in her femininity . www . christianlouboutin . com
Health & nutrition brand Vitalize Care have launched VitaBox . A one stop box of daily vitamins & goodness perfect for those with busy lifestyles . VitaBox is packed with daily strips of four vitamins ( Omega 3,6,9 , Green Tea , a Multi-Vitminim and Co-Enzyme Q10 ) www . vitalizecare . com .