The 411 Magazine The 411 Issue 1 Jan/Feb 2017 - Page 23

Jihan Banks , all produced by Da Gumbo Kooker himself . In addition to a Blues compilation , Colacoast also welcomes the addition of young star singer-songwriter and actress , Sei Major , who will be working on her acting career in New York while recording new music and promoting her new single , “ Personal .” Aside from being a solo artist , Pepp also rides “ G ’ d Up & Turfed Out ” with Colacoast rap group , The Gennie Mae Boyz , featuring LB & Teezy , who also appear on the EP , Still Coastin . “ We are really saturating the game with a new brand of music ,” says Pepp . “ Our music is real , radio friendly , and suitable for the ride or the clubs .” DJs all over the world have taken to Colacoast ’ s music . If it bears the anchor , it ’ s a certified banger . followed by the release of his first EP , Waves On Da Top , featuring the single , “ Waves On Da Top ” ( also featured on Supathowed Playa ). In 2014 , he released the single “ She ’ s The One ,” along with the EP , Stilll Coastin . After the release of three rap singles and two EP ’ s , Colacoast began focusing its business on the production and development of new independent artists , breaking into other markets and genres . Approaching 2017 , the Colacoast Brand is emerging in new regions while acquiring Colombia ’ s Paul C , extending Colacoast ’ s territory south of the equator . Paulo Cesar Carvajal Galvez aka Paul C , is an urban music artist , singer and songwriter from Pereira Colombia in South America . His music , laced with vibes of Hip-Hop and Reggaeton , is a hardcore depiction of the struggle , the grind , and the good , bad , and ugly of the mean streets of Colombia . His 2013 release , Contrabando Pa La Calle ( Smuggling For The Street ), has won music awards in different categories including the Billboard Award for most requested artist in independent music or underground hip hop ( 2015 ). Under the executive production of Da Gumbo Kooker , His new single , “ Perrenque & Sabrosura ,” is a theme that honours Colombia ’ s people and traditions . In a recent interview with the Colombian news publication , El Diario , Paul C announces Colacoast as his new label . He also reveals that his new songs feature luxury collaborations with artists such as Wyclef Jean , Peppaboy Trill McCoy , and others .
While the music industry is constantly changing , it is imperative to evolve with it . In the past , it may have been more difficult for artists to get their music out to the people , but in today ’ s super digital age , there ' s no excuses . “ We don ' t want to miss any opportunities !” says Pepp . “ That ’ s why we aggressively network to create opportunities , and to find unique artists and styles of music from under the underground . We aim to provide entertainment for everyone , delivering quality you can trust . All we need is distribution !” Built on in-person PR , with a promotion and marketing team second to none , Colacoast Entertainment is focused on building the music , culture , and capitalising through corporate branding . “ We ’ d love to get into more film and television projects ,” says Pepp . “ Our brand is clean , unique , and pure .”
In sweltering heat , there is nothing more refreshing than the cool “ Sea Breeze ” and the sound of “ Waves On Da Top ” crashing against the beautiful Florida coast . Admire the sight , listen , and take a deep breath of fresh air , because Colacoast Entertainment is about to blow , literally .
By R . Moorer
Let ’ s get back to the USA , home of the apple pie , and the Blues that we call Southern Soul . While simultaneously burning up the rap and hip hop scenes , Da Gumbo Kooker has also been serving extras from the back door of his hot southern kitchen . Scheduled for a 2017 release , featuring various artists , the Colacoast producer has been recording a compilation album of blues songs infused with a whole lotta gumbo . This project will feature collaborations like “ Hun € Luve ” by Shairblliss , “ Jelly Roll ” by Raven Salve , “ I Want That ” by Brandon Powell , and “ The Truth ” by