The 411 Magazine The 411 Issue 1 Jan/Feb 2017 - Page 22



Perhaps you ' ve heard that it gets hot in the South . Well , direct your attention to the fire at the bottom of the map , FLA , The Sunshine State . Known for its heavy Chevys , beautiful beaches and tropical climate , Florida has bred a new contender for the title of heir to the throne . When it comes to Southern Hip Hop / Rap Artists and Producers , Peppaboy Trill McCoy is as hot as they come . In reality , it takes a few hurricanes every year just to cool him down . A college graduate with a degree in Petroleum Technology and a seasoned businessman , depending on the time of day and circumstance , the distinguished Colacoast CEO may make an introduction as himself , the artist Peppaboy Trill McCoy , or the musical chef known to Colacoasters as Da Gumbo Kooker . As the mastermind behind Colacoast Entertainment , he has established a new , fresh , and original brand of music from the Gulf Coast Region , with a roster full of new artists , producers , musicians , and entertainers .
With four states within three hours , Florida , Alabama , Mississippi , Louisiana , ( Texas and Mexico being further West ), the Gulf Coast Region is a unique one , considered to be a musical buffet . Based in Pensacola , FL , Colacoast personifies the coastal lifestyle through a signature sound previously unheard in today ' s musical mainstream .
“ I ' m putting y ' all on that Coast Sh * t , that old Florida Boy slang !" - Peppaboy Trill McCoy
Pepp definitely displays the poise and professionalism of a seasoned lyricist on the microphone , but it ' s his style , originality , and his business savvy that distinguish him the most . and an uncanny versatility , with his sharp lyrical archery and country-boy harmonies . A gumbo of flavour , from dirty beats to colourful melodies , his music delivers a wide spectrum of vibes to listeners . Starting with his new block-buster and chart-topping single , She ' s The One , featuring Bobby V , Peppaboy has established himself and his label , Colacoast Entertainment LLC , as a buzzing and much sought after brand in the entertainment industry .
As Da Gumbo Kooker , he has branded the Colacoast sound with a new , original , full-flavoured recipe . The roux is thick ! Infused with spicy notes of various styles . His music is not easily placed into one particular genre . “ Some people may call it rap , blues , jazz , R & B , pop , or even country , but it ’ s really all of that at the same time , it ’ s a gumbo ,” says Pepp . “ We just make music !”
In 2009 , Peppaboy Trill McCoy released his first rap single , “ Jukin ,”
" I talk about everything from pretty weather , good cooking , turf riding , to the real reason my state is shaped like a gun ," says Pepp . " Im a true sportsman , so I rhyme my words in a sporty , freestyle manner .” With the highly anticipated release of his new album , Supathowed Playa ( 2017 ), Pepp depicts vivid concepts