The 411 Magazine The 411 Issue 1 Jan/Feb 2017 - Page 10


Spotlight on Broccoli from The

New Jersey USA has a new voice in rising star Broccoli . As one part of the rap collective the ‘ Kitchen Boyz ’ and budding actor , Broccoli is sure to make you want to eat your vegetables ! Editor Amanda Sweeney catches up with him to find out more .

So , what are your thoughts on the current state of the rap game ? I actually think the game is more creative than ever , rap is all about being yourself . Only the rappers who can ’ t make hit records complain about the state of rap music . I make records for the club , the streets , the fans . I ’ m a talented true artist , not just a rapper !
How do you separate yourself from other artists ? My voice on the beat separates me automatically . I just do what I feel and make music that I like , that makes sure I don ’ t sound like anyone else . Unless I do it intentionally and want to sound like a specific artist on a freestyle or remake of that person ’ s song . 10