The 411 Magazine Issue 6 - Page 49

Hulanicki went on to open her first boutique shop in London, she had clearly tapped into the market for the youth style trend's of the era. When asked her thoughts on fashion today, Barbara commented “It's moving a little too fast. There are too many collections and information comes up so fast - its exhausting. There is some fashion I love but style has really taken over and made everybody more aware.” She went on to talk about how designers should be “Made to do all of it - the styling as well." She commented "When I was starting out, fashion schools weren’t around but now the designers are so well educated.” Barbara observed how design students are doing the ‘Sixties look’ whilst incorporating “their version of it, that angle, today on yesterday.” I asked where she drew inspiration from, she replied with a smile "At the time, I was heavily influenced by the wartime period of my parents generation. Outside of that, the only point of reference were films. I'd watch old movies from the 1930's of starlets with dark lipstick and glamourous costumes.” Barbar's advice to designers today... "Learn to sew and pattern cut as there is a scarcity to do this today. “Go to work first. Do not start your business immediately. Work for someone you admire and work in the stock room. Learn mistakes as it is a heartbreaking business. It is important not to get emotionally involved - your heart will get broken. That and don't stop learning."