The 411 Magazine Issue 6 - Page 48

An icon "Impossible to explain." By Reshma Madhi A legendary fashion icon that set the standard for the high street shopping experience. BIBA still captures the imagination of those that experienced the label in the swinging sixties as well as generations today. It’s a story of emotion and heartbreak. The influence of Bibas founder, Barbara Hulanicki OBE is one that cant be denied. “In England, people love nostalgia”. That’s the first remark from Barbara when I ask her why it remains so popular. Barbara still visits London regularly where she bumps into fans, old and new. “I meet people who were babies at the time and say oh my mum used to take me to the Roof Garden and leave me there for four hours.” Barbara currently resides in Miami, where she continues her passion as a retail and design consultant. It was Ronnie Wood, of The Rolling Stones, that prompted her to come to Florida. where he decided to open a nightclub. Biba Begins Starting as a humble mail-order business, Biba‘s Postal Boutique launched in 1963 and was named after the nickname of Hulanicki's younger sister. In 1964, their pink gingham sleeveless shift dress and matching headscarf featured in The Daily Mirror’s fashion pages. It was expected to sell 3,000 units after the piece was published, however went on to receive over 17,000 orders!