The 411 Magazine Issue 6 - Page 28

famous people around, so the competitive push and drive isn’t really there. Although in Atlanta you bump into stars and talented people that you admire, that tells me I’m at the right place. What do you think of the hip-hop game right now? The Hip-hop game is the biggest it has ever been. The influence that hip-hop has on everyday culture is ridiculous, if you really look at it. Although some people would say the talent isn’t as great as it should be, hip hop is constantly evolving for the current and next generation. How did you discover your voice? I really don’t recall ever finding my voice. I really just focused on making sure I enjoyed the music that I was creating. With that comes me learning what sound and instruments I really like with my music, and that is an ongoing journey. I hear something that I want to recreate daily. What is your earliest memory of performing? My earliest memory would be my first ever performance on stage at a hometown talent show. People really dug our music and ever since, I've been addicted to the stage!