The 411 Magazine Issue 6 - Page 20

>>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> S P O T L I G H T >>>>> >>>>> Whether J-Fresh is DJing, producing or dropping a single, he remains one of the most consistent artists on the scene so it comes as no surprise that his new album ‘Juice’ (out now) is climbing up the charts. After his 2017 debut album ‘Fruit Salad’, expectant eyes and ears have been on the producer to see what he has up his sleeve and he hasn't disappointed. ‘Juice’ not only pays homage to the classic J-Fresh sound by featuring the likes of UK legends Swiss and Monkstar, as well as new school artists Ayo Beatz and Predz UK, but also showcases his growth as a producer and his ability to take risks. Time and time again J-Fresh has been able to exhibit his capacity in his dynamic production capabilities and ‘Juice’ is another example of