The 411 Magazine Issue 6 - Page 13

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, made the announcement on her Instagram last week telling her fans that she was inspired by stories of women going through problems like abuse and economic hardship. “I heard some horror stories and I think I can provide opportunities or even a platform that can help a lot of young women in today’s society,” she wrote. “Ok, so I’ve been wanting to start a foundation for a while now, however it was not until last week when I made a post on my page about being sad on that particular day, and not having someone to talk to and with the amount of women who reached out to me about what they are going through, it birthed the idea for me to start this foundation,” Spice added on Instagram. “The name of my foundation is “GRACE HAMILTON WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION”. It’s designed to uplift young women and push them towards success despite life’s obstacles,” the dancehall diva added. Spice will be hosting a launch event on May 27th at the Eden Gardens in St Andrew, starting at 6 PM. Instagram: @spiceofficial