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Fat Burner (Optional) Ok, fat burners are a controversial subject—especially with me. Most people who buy fat burners look to them as a “magic pill” that will cause weight loss without dieting and exercise. We all wish this was the case, but sadly, it is not. Most fat burners provide very little benefits in terms of weight loss, but with a proper diet and exercise program, they can add significant results. I’m going to share my “ultimate fat burning” combo with you in a minute. As far as fat burners go, the most effective one to ever hit the market was Ephedra. Ephedra is both a thermogenic and a stimulant… And it worked extremely well. Unfortunately, Ephedra was used irresponsibly by a few, which resulted in their untimely deaths that were linked to Ephedra. Because of this, over-the-counter Ephedra based diet pills were banned in 2006. Since the Ephedra ban, many manufacturers began trying to find something comparable to Ephedra. Unfortunately, most of these have fallen short. Fat Burners are definitely not required on The 2 Week Diet. The reason I have listed them as optional is because they do have advantages in keeping the metabolism high as your body starts to slow down when switching over from carbohydrate- burning to fat-burning and they provide some extra, focused energy that helps with your workouts. Personally, I like the added effect that a good fat burner provides. The problem, again, is that most fat burners are worthless. In all my trials, the very best, legal fat burner on the market is a ECY Stack: Ephedrine (not Ephedra), Caffeine, Yohimbe. • Ephedrine works much like Ephedra in weight loss/fat loss. • Caffeine improves energy and alertness. • Yohimbe is a proven fat burner The great thing about this is that the ingredients are relatively cheap. The bad thing is that I haven’t found anything that combines everything into one, so you would need to purchase these separately and combine them yourself. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 44