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Understand that whey protein is a complete protein which is a great source of Leucine. However, we will add additional Leucine to our daily diet to ensure that we are getting enough Leucine every day. Daily Energy® Daily Energy® is full of vitamins and minerals and it is loaded with free radical absorbing antioxidants. It contains electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium) that are extremely important in a low-carb diet. Daily Energy® is also packed with base producing compounds that neutralize dietary acids and they are rich with healthy bacteria that will help to detoxify the body as we rapidly release toxins from the fat cells as they are used up for energy. Daily Energy® is a brand name that gets rave reviews. You can definitely find something similar but this product does get my personal recommendation. You can order it by clicking here. The 2 Week Diet - Launch Handbook | 43